By Mr. P. on 17/07/2016

“I am so glad we called Drain Doctor High Wycombe to treat our blocked drain. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Thank you for providing such a good service.”

Mr. P. – Amersham

Mr. & Mrs. P, residents of Amersham had for some time, noticed that water was becoming increasingly slow to drain away from their patio area whenever there was heavy rain.

Realising that there must be a problem with the drains, they called the Drain Doctor High Wycombe office and booked an appointment for the next afternoon.

Our technician accessed the drain run from an inspection point and soon located a blockage using a remote push-rod CCTV camera. High-pressure water jets were then used to break down and loosen the blockage.

The blocked drain had been caused by the collection of a large mass of leaves and small branches which had washed into the drain run over time and got stuck. A nearby drain cover was missing which enabled debris to get into the drain. We recommended that this was replaced to prevent the same problem reoccurring.

Once the debris had been scooped out, the drain was jetted thoroughly to ensure any remaining deposits were cleared away and the drain run was checked via remote CCTV camera. No faults were found so the site was tidied before being left.

Following all blocked drain call-outs Drain Doctor High Wycombe will inspect your drain before we leave, to be sure that it is completely clear. We will also notify you of any potential maintenance issues such as damage from tree root ingress or movement in the pipe joints. It is all part of our service and gives our customers peace of mind.

It’s a great day at Drain Doctor.