By Mr & Mrs E. on 27/03/2017

“We had been plagued by a mystery blocked drain for a long time. Thanks to Drain Doctor High Wycombe who got to the bottom of the problem.”

Mr & Mrs E. - Amersham

Technicians from the Drain Doctor High Wycombe office were called to investigate a blocked drain at an Amersham property that remained blocked despite another drainage firm’s best efforts.

High-pressure water jets were used to clear a manhole that had become partially blocked by roots and associated debris. Despite this work the blockage remained.

In order to investigate further, high-resolution CCTV cameras were sent through the drain system.

Live images enabled Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians to discover a further two manholes that had become hidden at ground level.

They were impossible to see from ground level and were therefore easily missed.

The second and third manholes were both uncovered, revealing a secondary blockage largely made up of roots which had grown in through the collapsed manhole covers. This was washed down and descaled using water jets.

Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians carried out another CCTV survey once the drain run had been properly cleared, which revealed a section of the drain that had also cracked, allowing roots to grow within the pipe.

In order to repair the drains, Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians recommended that the drain should be lined using a cured-in-place pipe liner and also that the three manholes and covers be raised.

The Amersham customer was relieved that the blocked drain had finally been cleared and that the cause had been identified. A quote for the drain repair works was prepared by the Drain Doctor High Wycombe office and sent out for the customer to consider.

Drain Doctor High Wycombe Plumbing and Drainage technicians are all highly qualified, with many years experience dealing with all manner of drain blockages. Their knowledge and expertise combines to enable us to provide an honest, reliable and efficient drain unblocking and repair service.

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