By Mr E. on 06/01/2017

“We would definitely recommend Drain Doctor High Wycombe. Their blocked drain service is second to none.”

Mr E, Catering representative – High Wycombe area

When a commercial client contacts the Drain Doctor High Wycombe office with a plumbing or drainage problem our staff are always alert to the fact that the problem is likely to have a negative impact on the businesses productivity or might even close it down temporarily.

At Drain Doctor High Wycombe we try to ensure that we minimise such impacts by arriving on site as quickly as possible.

We will work around the businesses operating hours where necessary, to ensure that the problem is fixed with minimal disruption.

This was the case when our High Wycombe office received a call from Mr E., a representative from a busy catering establishment in the High Wycombe area.

Staff in the busy kitchens alerted managers to the fact that waste water was overflowing from the drains outside posing a health and safety risk to the food operation.

Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians arrived at the premises as quickly as possible.

Using CCTV cameras to determine the location and nature of the blockage, our staff discovered a mass of fats, oil and grease (commonly known as FOG) blocking the drains.

In order to unblock the drain, high-pressure water jets were sprayed within the pipes from a point further down the run.

Once cleared the drain run was checked again using a remote control CCTV camera to make sure that the drain was clear and that there was no further damage requiring attention.

Before leaving the premises, we talked to our client to advise them on the correct methods of food waste disposal and also left them with information about Drain Doctor High Wycombe’s range of planned maintenance contracts.

For more information about planned maintenance contracts or specific blocked drain enquiries contact the Drain Doctor High Wycombe now on 01494 619 008.