By Mrs L. - High Wycombe on 26/06/2017

“The staff from Drain Doctor High Wycombe were great, really professional. After clearing our blocked drain they made sure everything was in good condition and gave us advice on preventing the same problem in the future.”

Mrs L. - High Wycombe

Many of our customers admit to ignoring the signs that a drain may be becoming blocked, or try to treat it themselves with an off-the-shelf drain unblocking gel.

They sometimes see a slight improvement but are often caught out a short time later when the drain blocks completely causing considerable inconvenience and often greater expense.

When Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians arrived at Mrs L’s property in High Wycombe, they discovered that the owners had done just that, spending considerable amounts of money on DIY treatments that simply hadn’t worked.

Rather than unblocking the drain, the gels had started to break the blockage down but were not powerful enough to clear it away and simply moved the debris further along the drains where it combined with other waste and created a secondary blockage.

The Drain Doctor High Wycombe team used high-pressure water jets to blast the debris, breaking it down completely and washing it through the drain run to the main drains.

Following this treatment, the drains were inspected using high-resolution CCTV cameras to check the condition of the drains. No defects were found and the customer was shown the images so she could see for herself.

The cause of the blocked drains at this High Wycombe property was put down to the incorrect disposal of food waste, such as cooking fats and grease.

These products solidify on cooling so should never be disposed of via drainage systems, but should be drained off foods into waste containers and disposed of as household waste in the bin.

If you suspect that your property has a blocked drain, or for more information about the signs of a drain blockage call Drain Doctor High Wycombe Plumbing and Drainage now on 01494 619 008.