By Mr F. - Business Owner on 10/04/2017

“The CCTV survey how much damage the roots caused when they blocked the drains - it was no surprise that we had been having such problems. Thank you Drain Doctor High Wycombe for clearing the blockage”

Mr F. - Business Owner - Aylesbury

The infiltration of roots from large bushes and trees is a major cause of drain blockages at many properties with older clay pipes in their drain systems.

When Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians arrived at a commercial property in the Aylesbury area last month this is just what was found.

Roots had grown into a thick mass fed by the nutrient-rich water within the drain pipe and had caused a blockage. This led to raw sewage backing up to the drain covers and flooding the yard.

For Drain Doctor High Wycombe Plumbing and Drainage, our priority was to unblock the drain as quickly as possible to enable the business to return to normal business operations.

Using high-pressure water jets to attempt to clear the blockage, our technicians found that they could break the blockage down but not remove it completely.

A remote control push-rod CCTV camera was inserted into the drain run and pinpointed the section of drains that had been blocked. Remnants of the root mass were clear to see along with cracks where the roots had grown through.

A cured-in-place liner was recommended as the most appropriate method of drain repair and a quote was duly drawn up and sent to the customer for consideration.

At Drain Doctor High Wycombe Plumbing and Drainage we aim to treat blocked drains within an hour. Our prices don’t change if this is not possible - we stay until the job is done and don’t charge for the extra time taken.

For an honest and reliable drain unblocking service in the High Wycombe area call our office now on 01296 509 008.