By Ms S. - Amersham on 24/11/2016

“The Drain Doctor Guttervac system is so efficient. It made light work of cleaning the gutters at our property. We will definitely use you again.”

Ms S. – Amersham

We recently attended a commercial property in the Amersham area to carry out a routine gutter clean treatment.

Our customer had recently occupied the property and was keen to make sure that the guttering was in a good state before the winter so that it would work effectively to protect the building from water damage.

Collecting the debris as it is cleared, Guttervac makes gutter cleaning a very straight forward process.

All Drain Doctor Guttervac machines are equipped with a CCTV camera, which allows both technicians and customers to see inside the gutters as they’re cleaned to check for damage and that no blockages remain.

During the gutter clean, your Drain Doctor High Wycombe technician will be able to advise you about the state of your gutters and any potential problems. If a repair is required the work will be quoted for and an appointment made at the customers’ discretion.

Combining powerful vacuum suction with waste collection and a telescopic arm, Guttervac enables our Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians to clean the gutters of buildings up to 12 metres high without the need for ladders, scaffolding or elevated platforms.

At Drain Doctor High Wycombe we are pleased to offer commercial customers the option to book scheduled visits to clean and maintain guttering systems.

Call your local Drain Doctor High Wycombe office now on 01494 619 008 to book your Guttervac gutter clean appointment and make sure your guttering protects your property this winter.