By Mrs R. - Headteacher on 22/03/2018

“Our janitor had done all he could but the flooding on the playground kept returning. We’re very pleased with the response from the emergency plumbing team and the efficiency with which they worked to sort the problem out.”

Mrs R., Headteacher – High Wycombe

The Drain Doctor High Wycombe office recently received a call from a local primary school that was suffering from a recurring problem with flooding on one of its playgrounds.

Despite the janitor’s best efforts, the problem would not go away, and flooding became worse than ever after a particularly heavy rainstorm.

This was causing an inconvenience to the school as it affected which playgrounds the children could use for the breaks and sports lessons.

Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians arrived on site and began surveying the drain network using push-rod CCTV cameras.

Working systematically, the [company] staff soon located a blockage near the school entrance. Here they found that the drains had become severely blocked by fallen leaves and other small items of debris.

All the gullies on the one side of the building had been cleared recently but the blockage had formed deeper within the pipes. This was causing storm water to collect above ground instead of draining away.

High pressure water jets were used to clear the blockage from a drain access point a little way along the drain run, allowing water used in the jetting process to run away rather than add to the flooding.

After completing the drain clearance and checking the system to ensure that the drain network worked properly the Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians discussed the replacement of gully covers with the janitor to ensure that the problem did not return.

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