By Mr & Mrs W. - Amersham on 06/04/2017

“The drain unblocking service from Drain Doctor High Wycombe is excellent value for money. We are very happy with the service that we received.”

Mr & Mrs W. - Amersham

It is usually possible for blocked drains to be cleared within an hour of a Drain Doctor treatment beginning.

This was the case for Amersham residents Mr & Mrs W who recently booked an appointment with Drain Doctor High Wycombe Plumbing and Drainage.

What can be harder to determine is the cause of the blockage or the extent of any damage.

On arrival at the property, a Drain Doctor High Wycombe technician undertook a thorough clean of the pipes using high-pressure water jets, which force water through at 3,000 psi. This treatment is usually sufficient to break down blockages.

The next stage in any blocked drain treatment from Drain Doctor High Wycombe Plumbing and Drainage is the inspection of the drain system using high-resolution CCTV cameras that are pushed through the drains.

During the CCTV inspection at the Amersham property, it became clear that several pipes had become dislodged due to disturbances in the ground.

There was also evidence that tree roots had been growing within the pipes. Whilst the jetting process had cleared much of the evidence, there were root remains within some of the dislodged joints.

In order to prevent further root ingress causing the drains to block again the pipes would need re-rounding and lining, with a cured-in-place membrane.

The Drain Doctor High Wycombe technician recorded details of the work required and returned them to our office so that a quote to could be issued to the customer.