By Ms H. - Aylesbury on 29/09/2017

“When we saw the Drain Doctor High Wycombe van arrive we were so relieved! You saved us from a very soggy situation! Thank you.”

Ms H. – Aylesbury

When Aylesbury resident Ms H. came home to discover that her back yard had flooded during a particularly heavy rainstorm, she knew that she needed to call Drain Doctor High Wycombe Plumbing and Drainage.

Arriving at the property within an hour of the call being made, standing water was still evident. Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians immediately began plunging the drain and gulley in the corner of the yard.

During the deluge of rain, the gulley had become completely blocked by the force of the water running off the yard and compacting the debris.

Plunging had limited effect and so the next course of action was to utilise powerful 3,000psi water jets to attack the blockage from further down the drain run.

Happily, the jetting process cleared the blockage and CCTV images showed that there were no faults to the gulley or wider drain run.

Our technician advised the customer to have leaf guards fitted to her drains to prevent the same problem occurring again.

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