By Mr & Mrs G. - Aylesbury on 30/04/2018

“Thank you for providing such a friendly and professional service. Our blocked drain was no match for the Drain Doctor technician.”

Mr & Mrs G. – Aylesbury

A technician from Drain Doctor High Wycombe Plumbing and Drainage recently treated the drains at an Aylesbury property that had blocked drains.

The property owners were aware that there was a problem with their drains because they often noticed gurgling noises that carried on well after the kitchen sink was emptied.

They also noticed unpleasant smells from the drains around the kitchen.

Rather than leaving the issue to get worse and cause significant problems, Mr & Mrs G. called Drain Doctor High Wycombe and booked an appointment to get their drains unblocked.

Stu Brock, Manager of Drain Doctor High Wycombe Plumbing and Drainage said, “We would always advice customers to call us and treat a drain that is showing signs of blocking before it becomes fully blocked.”

“Not only is a partially-blocked drain quicker to treat, but a blocked drain can become damaged, requiring costly repair work,” he continued.

The Drain Doctor High Wycombe technician jetted the drains at the Aylesbury property using high-pressure water jets to break down the partial blockage of fats, oils and grease (FOG) that was collecting in the pipes.

CCTV survey and tests to check the flow of water leaving the kitchen sink indicated that the gradient of the pipes was very shallow causing the slow flow of water to the drains.

Before leaving the property, the technician advised the Aylesbury residents that a way to avoid future build ups of FOG in the pipes would be to increase the gradient of the pipe to create a faster flow.

Mr & Mrs G. were grateful for the advice and thanked the Drain Doctor High Wycombe technician for all he had done to help them.

If you suspect that you have a problem with a blocked or blocking drain, don’t hesitate, call Drain Doctor High Wycombe on 01296 509 008.