By Mr. W. - Chesham on 24/10/2016

“The technician that came to unblock our toilet was prompt and courteous. A faultless service. Thank you.”

Mr. W. - Chesham

When the only toilet in his property blocked, Mr. W. was keen to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Staff at the Drain Doctor High Wycombe office were pleased to receive the call and were reassured Mr. W. that a technician would be at his property within the hour.

Upon arrival, the Drain Doctor High Wycombe technician talked to the customer about the circumstances that led to the blockage in order to guide his approach to unblocking it.

The customer advised our technician that the toilet had been overfilling after flushing for some time but that the water level in the bowl had always returned to normal, until that day.

After attempts to unblock the toilet with a plunger failed the Drain Doctor High Wycombe technician accessed the drain run from the nearest manhole cover and jetted the blockage with high-pressure water jets.

This approach soon cleared the blockage, which was caused by a build-up of paper-based products that had clogged the pipe. A thorough check with a remote CCTV camera confirmed that there were no faults within the pipes and our technician was able to leave the property.

Many people are unaware of the correct way to dispose of wipes, cotton pads and similar products and assume that they will be fine if they’re flushed away. However, the incorrect disposal of such items can cause significant problems for drainage systems.

For further information and advice about blocked toilets and other emergency plumbing issues contact the Drain Doctor High Wycombe office on 01494 619 008, where our friendly and helpful staff will be able to assist.