By Mr. D - Risborough on 12/08/2016

“First class service. Your technician was a pleasure to deal with. He carried out the drain repair with the minimum of disruption and left the site clean and tidy.”

Mr. D. – Risborough

Having carried out a Home-buyers’ CCTV Drainage Survey at a property in Risborough for Mr. D., we were delighted to receive a booking for us to repair the damaged drain that we had previously identified.

A long section of the drain run had suffered considerable damage due to root ingress from nearby plants and shrubs, which had found their way through joints and small cracks in the pipework. As the plants had grown, fed by nutrient-rich water in the pipes, the cracks had also grown and sections of the drain had begun to collapse.

The shrub roots had also grown extensively around the outside of the pipes, causing the slabs at ground level to lift. It was this that alerted Mr. D. to a potential drainage problem and prompted him to book a Drain Doctor High Wycombe CCTV survey.

In order to carry out the drain repair, it was necessary to carry out a traditional trench excavation and replace a 3-metre section of the drain run.

Upon completion of the work the trench was reinstated and backfilled and the slabs were re-laid. The drain run was also tested and checked via CCTV to ensure the job had been completed properly.

Had the previous owner of the property noticed the slabs lifting or been aware of other signs of drain blockage it would have been possible to make internal repairs to the drain before it began to collapse.

All Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians are highly trained in every aspect of drain repair and will always work to minimise cost and inconvenience to the customer without compromising the quality of their work. Regardless of the scale of the job in hand our staff will carry out a comprehensive and professional service, backed by our company’s unique 30-day guarantee.