By Mr B-T. Aylesbury on 29/11/2016

“The whole Drain Doctor High Wycombe team deserves praise for the way they handled our drainage problem. Nothing was too much trouble. Thank you.”

Mr B-T. – Aylesbury

The Drain Doctor High Wycombe office was recently contacted by an Aylesbury resident that had been plagued by blocked drain problems for a number of months.

Repeated attempts to fix the problem had been made by the customer using a variety of DIY products to no avail.

Office staff were able to book an appointment for the next day and a Drain Doctor High Wycombe technician visited the property to carry out a comprehensive drain survey to try to identify the problem.

Using a push-rod CCTV camera our technician located the blockage and informed the customer that roots from nearby shrubs had worked their way through a crack in the pipe.

Roots had grown thickly, attracted by the nutrient rich water and were catching other debris and slime in the water.

The blockage was too dense to be cleared by the off-the-shelf drain cleaners that the customer had been using. Powerful tools would be required to break it down and the damaged section of pipe would need repairing using a cured in place drain liner.

A detailed quote was emailed to the customer later the same day and was accepted by Mr B-T., who called us back to book the drain repair appointment.

At Drain Doctor High Wycombe we are committed to treating all drainage and emergency plumbing problems using the very latest technology.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians always select the most appropriate method of drain repair and ensure that customers understand what needs to happen and why.

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