By Mrs K. - Beaconsfield on 05/07/2017

“Your technician Kane was so helpful and kind. He was really supportive to Mum and called us regularly to keep us informed about the work being done at her house, and to confirm the next steps needed. Thank you, Kane, I will highly recommend you.”

Mrs K. – Beaconsfield

When it comes to customer care we like to think that all staff at Drain Doctor High Wycombe always go the extra mile.

Drain Doctor High Wycombe service technician Kane recently attended a Beaconsfield property which had a problem with a blocked drain.

We had been told that the resident had Alzheimer’s and that we would need to keep her family informed about the job we were doing.

Following a thorough clean using high-pressure water jets, it was evident that there was still a blockage, which CCTV cameras revealed to be caused by roots that had grown in to the drain.

Kane explained that the drain would need repairing and contacted the customer’s daughter to confirm what he needed to do.

A point repair was carried out there and then and the drain run was checked and tested to ensure that the problem had been fixed.

All Drain Doctor High Wycombe vans are kept well stocked which means that the majority of drain repair work can be carried out on the first visit to a property.

By the time he was ready to leave the property Drain Doctor High Wycombe technician Kane had been shown all around the garden by Mrs K’s mother.

He took great care to include the customer in decisions about the job despite her condition and had spoken to the daughter to reassure her that the drain repair had been completed.

No matter what the situation, you can rely on Drain Doctor High Wycombe Plumbing and Drainage to provide the best solution to your drainage or plumbing problem.

We are sensitive to your needs and will adapt to work in a way that suits the customer wherever possible.

That’s the Drain Doctor way. For more information about drain repair or any of our plumbing and drainage services call us now on 01494 619 008.