By Ms. W. - Aylesbury on 30/09/2016

“The technician from Drain Doctor High Wycombe was so helpful. He quickly repaired the leak under our sink. A very reliable emergency plumbing service. Thank you.”

Ms. W. – Aylesbury

The Drain Doctor High Wycombe office recently received an emergency plumbing call from a property in Aylesbury that had discovered a leak under their kitchen sink. Water was flooding the cupboard unit and seeping under the flooring.

Office staff talked the caller through turning the water off at the mains after establishing that the isolation valve on the leaking pipe had seized up and wasn’t working. This left the property without running water which was difficult for the young family living there.

An emergency plumbing technician was sent to the property, arriving within 2 hours of receiving the call. The technician identified a section of corroded pipe to the cold tap and began work to strip out and re-pipe the pipework.

On completion of the work, the Drain Doctor High Wycombe technician turned the water supply back on and tested the system before leaving the property with the tap in full working order.

At Drain Doctor High Wycombe we are always on call to deal with emergency plumbing and drainage problems. Our expert technicians cover the wider High Wycombe area 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will always endeavor to arrive at your property within a couple of hours.

All our work is completed to a national Drain Doctor High Wycombe pricing menu which means that the price quoted to you for completing your job is the price you’ll pay.

We never charge for call-outs during so-called unsociable hours and will always do our best to arrive with you as quickly as possible to minimise your inconvenience.

You won’t find another company quite so committed to treating your emergency plumbing and drainage problems. That’s why we’re Aylesbury's premier plumbing and drainage company. Call Drain Doctor High Wycombe now on 01296 509 008. The Doctor will see you now.