By Mr R - Chesham on 17/01/2016

“We were very lucky to be one of the first customers to benefit from Drain Doctor High Wycombe’s new gutter cleaning service. I will certainly recommend Guttervac by Drain Doctor High Wycombe, who were extremely courteous, clean and tidy.”

Mr. R

During a planned drain survey at the property in Chesham we noticed that the gutters had clumps of grass growing in them. This blockage needed clearing to prevent problems with damp inside the property.

Our new Drain Doctor High Wycombe Guttervac service allows us to mechanically clean gutters up to a height of 12m without the need for ladders or scaffolding.

With a CCTV camera attached to the boom we are also able to show customers the finished result, giving complete peace of mind.

Drain Doctor High Wycombe constantly strives to remain at the forefront of its sector, identifying new and improved ways to address drainage and plumbing issues and to provide first class solutions for its customers.