By Mr O. - Aylesbury on 10/02/2017

“We’re very pleased with the Guttervac service that we booked. We know that our gutters are in great shape thanks to Drain Doctor High Wycombe.”

Mr O. - Aylesbury

Our technicians recently attended the Aylesbury property of Mr O., a repeat customer of Drain Doctor High Wycombe to carry out a scheduled Guttervac gutter clean appointment.

Mr O. is one of many Drain Doctor High Wycombe domestic customers that benefit from scheduled annual gutter clean appointments.

Visiting once a year, we help to ensure that the guttering and gullies at Mr O’s house are well maintained and that they will serve the property as intended, channelling rainwater away from the walls and foundations of the building.

Guttervac is a high-powered vacuum that collects debris from guttering as it clears it.

The equipment incorporates a 12m boom that enables Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians to clean most domestic properties without the need for ladders, costly scaffolding or cherry-picker platforms.

The Drain Doctor Guttervac is also equipped with a high-resolution CCTV camera so that we can be sure we’re carrying out a thorough clean. It also means that our staff can check for damage or defects along the way.

Many of our customers also like the fact that we can show them images as we clean so that they can see what state their gutters are in. It gives them the reassurance that we’re doing a good job and gives clear evidence when we find issues that we think need attention.

To enquire about a Guttervac gutter cleaning appointment from Drain Doctor High Wycombe call our office now on 01494 619 008.

We’d be very happy to quote to clean your gutters and help to protect your home. That’s the Drain Doctor way.