By Mr W. - High Wycombe on 26/04/2017

“Our friends recommended the Drain Doctor gutter cleaning service so when our gutters blocked we knew who to call. Great job, friendly staff.”

Mr W. - High Wycombe

Staff at the Drain Doctor High Wycombe office were delighted to receive a booking for a Guttervac gutter clean on recommendation recently.

The gutters at Mr W’s High Wycombe home had blocked causing rainwater to cascade over the guttering.

Using Guttervac, a high power vacuum that collects debris from the gutters as it cleans, the guttering at the house was soon cleared.

The telescopic arm enables Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians to access guttering up to 12 metres high without the need for climbing ladders or building scaffolding.

This makes gutter cleaning a far quicker job than it used to be.

Guttervac also benefits from a boom-mounted high-resolution CCTV camera. This allows our technicians to inspect the guttering as it is cleaned.

Any repairs or potential problems can be identified this way. Whilst on site Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians can show the customer what we find and advise them of any action that should be taken.

On this occasion, the camera images showed that the blockages had been successfully cleared and that the guttering was in good condition.

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