By Mr & Mrs K - Lacey Green on 12/09/2017

“The gutter cleaning service provided by Drain Doctor High Wycombe was second to none. We shall definitely book a return visit next year. Thank you for making a difficult task so easy for us.”

Mr & Mrs K. – Lacey Green

Bookings for gutter cleaning appointments tend to come in to the Drain Doctor High Wycombe office in high numbers at this time of year as trees drop their leaves in abundance.

New customers Mr & Mrs K. of Lacey Green had found out about the Guttervac gutter cleaning service from our website.

Unable to climb ladders and clean his own guttering any longer, Mr K. decided to give our service a try.

The customer also requested that leaf guards to be fitted to prevent future down spout blockages.

A Drain Doctor High Wycombe technician arrived promptly for the appointment and explained how Guttervac worked.

Via a telescopic boom-mounted vacuum cleaner, Guttervac can reach and clean guttering at heights of up to 12m – that’s the height of a 3-4 storey building. The operator stays at ground level, so there is no climbing up ladders or scaffolding towers.

A CCTV camera attached to the cleaning head allows a simultaneous inspection of the clean as it progresses, ensuring that no debris is missed.

Mr & Mrs K. were very pleased with the images of their cleaned-out guttering relayed to them from the CCTV cameras – this gave them peace of mind that the job had been done well.

Once the gutters and storm drains had all been thoroughly cleaned the Drain Doctor High Wycombe technician then installed leaf guards to all down pipes to prevent leaves, moss, soil and twigs from building up in the pipes again.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of every job carried out by Drain Doctor High Wycombe Plumbing and Drainage. Our technicians work hard to ensure that each customer is clear about what needs to be done and what our charges include.

For further information or to book a gutter clean appointment call Drain Doctor High Wycombe Plumbing and Drainage now on 01494 619 008.