By Mr & Mrs P. - Thame on 23/10/2018

“We didn’t realise just how much leaf litter had collected in our gutters. Thank you, Drain Doctor High Wycombe for clearing them out. Guttervac made really light work of the job.”

Mr & Mrs P. – Thame

At Drain Doctor High Wycombe we have been using the Guttervac gutter cleaning system for several years now. We’re delighted to still find new customers that are impressed by its efficiency and results.

Mr & Mrs P. of Thame booked a Guttervac clean for the guttering at their home in Thame on the recommendation of friends.

Guttervac is a high-powered vacuum that can reach guttering, gullies and downspouts up to 12 metres in height (most 3-4 storey buildings) without the need for ladders, towers or platforms

Operated from the ground, a telescopic boom enables Drain Doctor High Wycombe technicians to carry out gutter cleaning more quickly, safely and with better accuracy than using traditional methods.

As the Guttervac cleans out any debris it also allows the condition of the guttering, gullies and downspouts to be surveyed via a boom-mounted CCTV camera.

If any issues are found the Drain Doctor High Wycombe technician can discuss these with the customer and go through options to repair or replace as necessary.

Thame resident Mr P. was very pleased with the results of his gutter clean appointment and was reassured by the CCTV images which showed that the guttering at his property was in good condition.

With autumn leaf-fall in full swing and with winter weather approaching fast, there isn’t a better time to book a gutter clean appointment with Drain Doctor High Wycombe to ensure that your property is best-protected from the elements.

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