Did you know that a homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of the underground pipes in the drainage system that connect their home to the main sewer pipe (usually in the street)?

Drain Doctor High Wycombe is regularly called to investigate drainage problems in the High Wycombe area by customers who report either slow flowing or completely blocked drains, and who are unaware of the cause of the problem.

A common issue to affect drainage systems is that of pipe damage caused by tree roots.

Stu Brock, Manager of Drain Doctor High Wycombe explained, “If a tree or other shrub is planted too close to a drainage system, the roots will eventually find their way into existing cracks, or the joints between pipes. They exert pressure as they grow, which causes the pipes to crack. Once inside the pipes the roots will flourish, feeding off the nutrients in the water. The root system, if left unchecked, will fill the pipe and act like a net catching household fats, oils, tissue paper and other debris, blocking the pipe and resulting in a major headache for the householder.”